Superman 64 - Last updated nearly eight years ago to this very day, this is a fansite for Superman 64, one of the worst games ever made. Take a nostalgic trip with me to a simpler time, when the worst disaster our country faced was the very game this website is about.

Despite all of the negative responces from gaming pages... I like this game. The control is horrible, too much fog, and there are a few glitches (getting stuck inside a building, stuck at the ceiling and can't fly [just move down a little]) and it froze up on me a couple of times, but you can learn to adjust to them (maybe not the freezing) but this is a game that could almost be compared to Mission Impossible or Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire. It's not GoldenEye, but hey, its pretty cool if you can look past the minor glitches, fog, and acctually play the game. I love the ability to fly at anytime. If you are a true Superman fan then this is your game, if you are not, you may or may not like it.

This man is very convincing. I'm almost tempted to dust off the old N64 and go buy the game.

In development for over two years, Titus has truly committed themselves to making Superman a quality title. Well, ok its a pretty good game.

There's even an embedded midi, a picture of "Wolfpac" Superman (which is just a picture of Superman with the N.W.O. logo from WCW pasted on his chest without any regard for perspective) and this:

– Dennis "Corin Tucker's Stalker" Farrell (@DennisFarrell)

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