Ulillillia is on Youtube (thanks Maldoror) - Every true Internet dork out there should know of ah...strange... videogame designer Ulillillia by now. He's a guy with aspergers (real aspergers) or autism that has made up his own units of measurement, references to color, and dream-like reality that he is incorporating into an awkward and creepy videogame that will probably never be finished. He's really an amazing guy and some day someone will write a book about him.

The point of today's ALoD is that Maldoror has discovered his Youtube videos. Most of them are just slightly odd gaming videos, but one has a voiceover track, introducing the world to the dulcet tones of Ulillillia for the first time.

He sounds pretty much like I would have expected, maybe a little more normal, but the content of the video does not disappoint. It's almost hypnotic the way he is so deep into the world of a mediocre Playstation game from 1996.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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