Recursion (2003)



User Rating: 8/10 88,888 votes
Director:Sprite Johnzon
Writer:Charlie Kaufmuller
Release Date:14 Feb 2003 (USA) more
Genre:Comedy | Relentless Inscrutable Mindbender | Self-Indulgent, Narcissistic Masterpiece | Drama | Moebistic Oruboronics | Cognitive Torture | Mystery You Get Tired of Long Before a Solution Presents Itself
Also Known As:"Metonymous"
Tagline:A tortured screenwriter tries to write a screenplay about a movie being made within a movie being made within a moive, but is there another movie about the movie being made in that movie?
Plot:Charlie Kaufmuller is writing a screenplay for a movie that can never be made, but walking through the woods he finds a videotape of the movie and it is already made. The only problem? The movie is about him making the movie and finding the tape in the woods! This goes on until the film ends...or does it!?
Plot Keywords:Video Tapes | Tape Recorders | Shirts | Sweaters | Male Nipples Visible Through Sweater | Man and Woman Talking | Afternoon | Overcast Sky | Autumn Leaves | Chairs | People Sitting in Chairs | Women Getting Up From Reclining Position | Children Waving | Stacked Chairs | Foreboding Existential Forest Symbolizing the Human Condition Containing Self-fulfilling Prophetic Video Symbolizing Fatalistic Slavishness to Circumstance | Red Lace Panties
User Comments:If you turn the sound down on the movie and hit play on your mp3 player during the third repeat of the wedding scene the rest of the movie does not sync up at all even a tiny bit to the audio from the Wizard of Oz. On the other hand, if you are high as more


Charlie Kaufmuller Award for Acting Excellence as Charlie Kaufmuller (2003)

Inserties Award for Self-Insertion in a Work of Fanfic or Film (2003)

The Reverse Mary Sue Self-Hater of the Year (2003)

Nickelodeon Kids' Absolute Last Choice Award (Worse Than Spanking, 2004)


Paul Giamatti...Charlie Kaufmuller
Catherine Keener
...Emma Neet
Albert Brooks
...Dulam Slomath
Charlie Kaufmuller...Himself
Luiz Guzman
...Peeper Rodriguez as Charlie Kaufmuller
Meryl Streep...Tilda Swinton
Tilda Swinton
...Paul Giamatti

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This film is the fourth and least-successful collaboration between director Sprite Johnzon and Charlie Kaufmuller. Their previous projects include Remake, Repeat, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Mace Windu's Gambit.

During editing Kaufmuller and Johnzon took a day off and returned to find that the 3 hour running time had been cut to 18 minutes after the assistant editor mistook repeating scenes for alternate takes.

Albert Brooks took time out from filming Story of My Life, his eighth vaguely comedic film based around his life, to star as Dulam Slomath. This severely delayed an NPR piece about his movie.

Tilda Swinton was so convincing as Paul Giamatti that she successfully impregnated Giamatti's wife of nine years. Their daughter, Charlie Kaufmuller, went on to finish the movie.

Distributor Warner Brothers was successfully sued by Fox Searchlight for copyright infringement based on Fox's 2001 Kaufmuller-penned Rehearsality, which is nearly shot-for-shot identical.

Sundance raves failed to translate into boxoffice success for Recursion. Most audiences mistook the film for a series of projector failures and demanded their money back. Those who understood what was happening became even angrier. Two NYU film students were beaten to death at an advance screening and a Denver woman detonated a homemade bomb at an opening night showing in Colorado. Fortunately, no one else was nearby when the bomb exploded.


Anachronisms: Peeper Rodriguez as Charlie Kaufmuller notes that he died in an earlier scene when actually Tilda Swinton died in that scene after being cast as Paul Giamatti as Charlie Kaufmuller.

Crew or Equipment Visible: Sprite Johnzon can be seen in the background during the sixth wedding scene being helped into his Sprite Johnzon suit by two Charlie Kaufmullers.

Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): Charlie Kaufmuller remarks after watching the video he finds in the woods that, "Everyone will want to watch this movie." In reality, not even the actors portraying cast and crew members have sat through an entire screening of this film.

Factual Errors: The sun, during a super nova event, would not gradually kill off groups of people one cast of a movie-within-a-movie at a time. A super nova of our sun would bring a halt to all movie-within-a-movie productions roughly simultaneously.

Anachronisms: Characters repeatedly refer to events occurring later in the movie as if they have already happened, which causes certain events to not happen. This, in turn, causes them not to mention the events in the preceding dialogue.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Near the end of the third act you are visible in reflection on the glass behind Charlie Kaufmuller. You are presumably filming this scene in the movie as you appear to be holding a camera. You were included in the film intentionally.


Charlie Kaufmuller: This script is killing me, Dulam.
Dulam Slomath: Everything is killing us all, Charlie. Why don't you go for a walk in the woods and clear your head.
Charlie Kaufmuller: The woods? I hate the woods. The woods scare the shit out of me.
Dulam Slomath: Everything scares the shit out of you, Charlie. Life does.

Emma Neet: Charlie, why can't you just admit you love me!? Put down that script for five damn minutes and talk to me like a human being!
Paul Giamatti: I'm in the woods here. I feel like I'm almost there. Don't stop believing in me now.
Emma Neet: That's not how it went!
Charlie Kaufmuller: Cut! You need to read the lines how they're written, Emma!

Peeper Rodriguez as Charlie Kaufmuller: I want to hire you to play me in a movie I'm making.
Charlie Kaufmuller: What's it about?
Peeper Rodriguez as Charlie Kaufmuller: It's autobiographical. It's about me making a movie.
Charlie Kaufmuller: That sounds very interesting. What is the movie called?
Peeper Rodriguez as Charlie Kaufmuller: It is very interesting, thank you. It's called...(turns towards camera) this movie you are watching.

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808 out of 909 people found the following comment useful:
good, but hardly the best infinitely recursive movie-within-a-movie of the year 08 Apr 2005

Author: Droste Point Blank from United States

good, but hardly the best infinitely recursive movie-within a moive of the year 08 Apr 2005
Author: Droste Point Blank from United States

good, but hardly the best infinitely recursive movie-within a moive of the year 08 Apr 2005
Author: Droste Point Blank from United States

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