BVP: Barbershop vs. Predator (2005)



User Rating: 5.7/10 122,604 votes
Director:Tony DaRoni
Writer:Olaf Grimsdotter
Release Date:22 Oct 2005 (USA) more
Genre:Comedy | Drama | Action | Flagging Franchises | Pointless Cash-in | Exploding Garbage for Sub-literate Mongoloids | PG-13 Movie that Should be R-rated | Borderline Minstrel Show
Also Known As:"Barbershop 3: A Lot Off the Top"
Tagline:Dreads. Fades. Preys.
Plot:Another day in the life of a barbershop on Chicago's South Side. Calvin returns to the business just as a European chain salon begins construction next door. Unbeknownst to the griping regulars at the barbershop, the construction has unearthed a Predator homing beacon. A lone alien Predator is called to earth and its hunt soon intrudes on the barbershop's business.
Plot Keywords:Barbershop | African-American Culture (Fun) | Skinned Alive | Alien Wearing Mesh Shirt | Decapitation | Barbecue Discussion | Impalement Discussion (Pig) | Impalement Discussion (Human) | Impalement | Alien Haircut | Human as Prey | Oprah Winfrey | Skull Trophy | Flashback to Civil Rights Movement | Flashback to Aztecs Worshipping UFO | Shaving | Skinning | Exposed Breasts Covered in Blood | Racial Slur Against Alien
User Comments:Even better than Alien versus predator! Yeah, I missed the aliens, but the hint of the predalien at the end when calvin comes out to tell the customer the tore up store is closed and you can see the head sitting in the barbers chair and he's like OH SHIT and reaches for the sawed off and then it goes to black and you hear the alien sound crossed with the predator sound cannot what for bvp2 also brandys ttitties look fine as... more


Predator by Predatorwest (Runner-up, Skull and Spinal Column d'Or, 2005)
Pennsylvania Dutch Rumspringa Festival (Golden Ox Till Winner, "Argument in Favor of the Destruction of Technology," 2006)
Similarities Toronto (Nominated "Most Similar: Do the Right Thing," 2006)


Lovable Ice Cube...Calvin Palmer
Cedric the Entertainer
Sean Patrick Thomas...Jimmy
Michael Ealy
...Ricky Nash
Queen Latifah...Gina
Bill Paxton
...Mr. Codee Savatori
Marlon Wayans...Spritzi
...FBI Agent Vanessa Houston

Fun Stuff


Though white, writer Olaf Grimsdotter claims his hometown of Oslo, Norway to be the blackest part of Scandinavia next to Lapland. He is also an expert on Predators and Predaliens.

Lovable Ice Cube refused to reprise his role as Calvin until early drafts of the script were rewritten to include a three minute sequence where he is covered in heaps of babies. When budget constraints limited practical effects to five real babies and several dozen rubber babies, Ice Cube complained to TMZ that "Lovable Ice T got all the babies he wants on CSI or whatever."

Cedric the Entertainer was so terrified by the Predator suit that before scenes shot with the Predator, Cedric had to be dazzled by a ring light until functionally blind. This led to an incident during a break in shooting in which he married his own daughter. They are still happily married.

Bill Paxton and Marlon Wayans were cast as rival hair stylists and shot on a green screen after principal photography had concluded. They were composited into scenes and used to explain why the Predator suddenly appeared in Chicago.

Brandy was never seen again after the filming of this movie and it is believed she may still be on a 20th Century Fox set in Burbank. Currently, no one is looking for her.


Revealing Mistake: When Terri fires the AR-15 A5 she is using the SpecArms Tactical Assault variant with over/under laser, Cornershot LCD rails, and integral flash suppressor. This variant was was never produced with a left hand ejection port since it intereferes with the Cornershot.

Miscellaneous: When the Predator records the dog barking to play back later the dog is actually exclaiming, "I love birds!" and is not angry at all at the Predator.

Continuity: Tookee exhales a large cloud of smoke and sees the beams of the Predator's plasmacaster, but when the plasma shot explodes his head there is no smoke visible.

Factual Errors: Covering the Predator's face with a hot towel would not obscure its thermographic vision, which is fed from a sensor in the Predator armor's shoulder.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs: Despite being unarmed, the Predator correctly interprets D-bone's "Thug Lyfe" tattoo as the markings of a warrior. This is why the Predator explodes D-bone's torso across his naked girlfriend.

Factual Errors: A jar of "comb juice" does not explode when struck by a boomerang.

Continuity: When Calvin finds Ricky's skin hanging from the coat hook it is missing the tattoo of an eagle seen in Barbershop 2.

Crew or Equipment Visible: Brandy can be seen texting on her Sidekick during the disemboweling sequence.

Factual Errors: The FBI's "Predator Task Force" does not hunt aliens unless they are trying to molest children.


[Digger unearths homing beacon that is beeping]
Construction Worker: Oh, hold up. Boss! Come take a look at this!
Mr. Codee Savatori: What am I looking at?
Construction Worker: I dunno, looks like some sort of future computer to home in for aliens.
Mr. Codee Savatori: I don't have time for this, Bruno! The salon opens tomorrow. Throw it on the pile with the rest of them!
Construction Worker: If you say so boss.
[He throws it on top of a pile of skulls from various aliens and humans.]

Eddie: Goddamn, that man's head just came off!
Calvin: Eddie! There are families coming in here!

Eddie: See, back in my day, the worst you had to worry about was a rock in your window. Maybe some guy with a chain take your wallet. Predators? My momma told me to watch out for Old Bernie with a nickel on his knee. Tell you to come take it. That was a predator. Not this stuff. Seeing in the dark. Fading out on you. Shooting lightning around the house like Lord knows what. You'll be lucky if he takes your wallet. No, these days, they take your skin.

[Predator appears in the barbershop and Jimmy brandishes clippers]
Jimmy: Hold up! Shit! What is that!?
Eddie: Better watch out, alien man, Jimmy will shave crooked zig-zags up the side.
Terri: Daaaamn!
Jimmy:Shut up, old man. At least I don't got to put coal in my clippers.
Eddie: At least kids don't leave my chair cryin' cuz they look like a chess piece.
Terri: Daaaa-
[The Predator throws his spear through Terri's chest.]

Calvin: This predator is about to get a trim...

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Author: sturm1488 from United States

Better special effects than AVP and it dives into the hunt stuff more. I really appreciate the attention to detail, like the extra bone lol. J/k but I thought my favorite character was the businessman opening the salon, I was sorry to see the predator spear him through his windshield. also the ending of the movie ruins it. Just two of them left and the predator loses to a guy with a shotgun. Right! At least they hint at a more thorough cleansing in a sequel. Really looking forward to seeing the good work finished especially in this obama era. look up for more info!!

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