The End....of the Sonic Wars..

Yes, this is nearly 9 minutes of a dude explaining why he was flaming another dude about Sonic the Hedgehog. Yes, he is 19 years old. Yes, that bile rising in your stomach is natural. No, I have no fucking idea what is going on or why there is a flamewar about Sonic the Hedgehog.

Let's see if some comments can shed some light on the subject!

Critics Corner

"sorry but the fanboys are complaining about the were-hog transformation in sonic unleashed being a "rip-off" of link's wolf transformation. (looks like the were-rabbit to me)"


" --WAR OVER--

Let's hope Sonic actually stars in some good games before WWIII happens here on Youtube and everywhere else ever again.

If I have to fight, let me have something to comfort me when I'm taking a break from the fighting that is a personal favorite game character besides Megaman...

Meanwhile- I'll just go back to playing my Favorites- the origianls and the Advance series games... As well as the Adventure games, once I get another Dreamcast anyway..."


"You said 'STOP FUCKING MAKING VIDEOS ABOUT IT', 'SHUT UP AND LEAVE US FANS OUT OF IT' (in capitals) and you told him to stick to rants because that's all most people care about. That's taken as an order because you emphasized the harsh words and spoke for the rest of us like youre the boss.

That's considered a 'high and mighty' attitude and is taken as disrespect. Next time you wanna give your advice, think of the second person. Would YOU take this kind of advice if someone gaveÿ it to you?"


Somebody fucking shoot me.

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