Chipmunks God Bless The USA

Anything I could possibly have to say about this abortion would pale in comparison to what the ass fucker who had the unmitigated gall to make this in the first place has to say about it, so I'm just going to be lazy here and copy/paste his own words:

"Chipmunks sing God Bless The USA. Enjoy XD

People, may I remind you that this does express the freedom of speech, I'm supporting the country, and if you think it is offensive, I am trully sorry, but this song is how I did wanted it, and comes to question of how the chipmunks would really sing it, the Chipmunks are part of the American culture, and do also express the right to sing this song if it were real, I'm sure many people would support it. Those who don't support it, may I remind you that this is not a OFFICIAL National Anthem. This song express the word God, and if it were to be official, then it would mean one's God whom ever it may be. This song expresses the word God more than a few times, unlike the Pledge of Allegiance, expresses the word God many times and is going to offend some one. Agien I apolagize. May I also repeat my self, this is a expression of freedome of speech, I amd also in no way steeling credit from the people who truely sing this song (jump5),
I thank you for you're time, and I hope you like the song...
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It''s his post-911 world; we're all just living in it. USA! USA! USA!

Critics Corner

"I thank my God above!!!! Wow!!! God Bless the USA!"


"i lub dis song itz dhe bezt song ever"


"I get so tired of ppl complaining that america is just so terrible, if you you dont like it, you can leave, go to africa or southern asia ( i am sure its a lot better...) most ppl in america have food on the table and a roof over thier heads not all do but if your on youtube and have the time to complain about meaningless crap, you probly eat and sleep in a bed which is alot more than most.

Good Song were gonna use it in our 4th of july parade float."


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