ladies and gentlemen, the worst girl

Submitted by Kyle V.

Sherman said "War is hell".

Sartre said "Hell is other people".

Bailey said "Hell is a kind of fat high school girl in ironi-glasses who goes by "alotofcheese"on YouTube where she makes videos about pooping and how none of her 17 year old classmates share her taste in hella indie hipster bullshit music that would be better suited for that creepy 30 year old dude with a lumberjack beard that perpetually hangs around record stores and is always looking for anything Merge or Orange Twin put out".

Battle of the Hipster Shitheads

"Seriously though, you're a huge, grody hipster. Don't let anybody fool you into thinking differently."


"well your a monotonous retarded asshole"


"That was strikingly incoherent. I didn't say there's anything wrong with current music. For the most part, classic rock irks me. No no, I have a problem with "bad music". Which is what wavves is. There's a lot of really great music out there, to spend your time listening to some band because you think they're super underground (which, by the way, he isn't) is extremely naive and pretty lame."


"Have you heard of pop music?
that shit has been famous for years
its like different folks different strokes, the only difference though is that its not pop music, so there really is no way to define whats good and wahts not. There isnt
I know tons of bands that have shitty musicians but its great.
Oh and wavves got famous before zach hill.
Hipsterism has been around for years, you cant blame it on wavves. or other bands, its the problem w/ scenes. They exploit bands. not everyones like that


"You're making a lot of noise kiddo. I'm a rather huge fan of the fact you spelled epitome correctly, but fucked up the words "me" and "you"

I care because Pitchfork garbage like Wavves is ruining the art community's perception of quality. No one has to be a competent musician anymore, if you suck at guitar just hang out with Zach Hill. Instant credibility. It's also creating a culture of pretentious high schoolers who dress like 1950's retirees because it's ironic."


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