Female Mask Homepage, submitted by Jfathers.A while back I linked a site called Kerry's masks and I have to admit that it was one of the most disturbing sites I've ever linked. Kerry was not happy of course and threatened to sue for libel for calling him a potential serial killer who was only one step away from harvesting the soft, sweet flesh from real women. I just told him that our Something Awful computer is broken so we couldn't change anything, and also that there was a racoon inside our server room that was causing bandwidth issues. That seemed to calm him down because he didn't respond. Today I am going to highlight the rest of Kerry's friends who are equally, if not more disturbing. I'm a pretty open guy and whatever you want to do in your closed apartment is fine. Dress up like George Washington, eat Zagnut bars until you puke, put on rubber masks and pretend you are a pretty lady, God bless you. But once it's on the Internet for all to see it becomes a subject of awe and horror, and it's my job to expose as many people as possible to this mental trauma for permeant damage and hopefully a few laughs. Here are a few pictures to get you warmed up.Begging for your life won't help. It has no pity.

Ok so these guys want to be ladies really bad. The aren't really gay, they just want to be women. Ugly, lumpy, insanely scary women. Don't we have surgery for that now? Anything is better than this.

Oh God, one came out of my computer.

Thank you Maskon.com for causing countless of sleepless nights with your masquerade of horror. I've invested in dozens of night lights that will be in placed in every electrical outlet while I sleep. Oh man, I'm gonna need a lot of beer.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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