Dan Quayle gets owned

This is from the 1988 Vice Presidential Debate wherein Bush's VP pick, Dan Quayle, squared off against Lloyd Bensten from the Dukakis camp.

Contrary to popular belief, Quayle wasn't a total fucking idiot ALL the time (just most of the time), and the debate was hardly the one-sided ass kicking that this .

Dan did, however, suffer from the "too young/not enough experience" thing that both sides like to try to pin on each other if one of their candidates hasn't been a senator for at least 4000 years. Dan, moron that he is, decided to tackle this talking point head on and compare his experience to that of John F. Kennedy. Senator Bensten offered an off the cuff response.

What followed was the political equivalent of punching someone in the throat and then fucking their mom.

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