A Brief History of the Campaign Ad

Or how the United States Political Ad went from silly to a mud-slinging shitfest in roughly half a century.

From the Adlai Stevenson campaign of 1952, some broad belts out a tune for our boy Adlai.

From the Eisenhower campaign of 1956, apparently the result of the government testing LSD on "Citizens for Eisenhower".

Enjoy this ad from the 1960 Kennedy campaign while you can, because shit is about to get REAL, son.

If LBJ's 1964 ad is to be believed, rival Barry Goldwater's solution to little girls who can't count very well is to nuke the everloving SHIT out of them.

Goddamn it, "guy from this '68 Humphrey ad", you clearly forgot the time Nixon pussied out and whined about his kid's dog on national TV and then disclosed his finances (dude was broke as hell).

If this 1972 ad doesn't convince you to vote for Nixon, perhaps G. Gordon Liddy pulling out your fingernails one by one with a pair of pliers will.

Jimmy Carter has always looked roughly 80 years old, and this '76 campaign ad from when he was in his 50's is no different.

Be careful, 1980 Reagan campaign ad. You wouldn't like Jimmy Carter when he's angry. *hulks the fuck out and turns into a green, droopy southern man*

If you thought John McCain invented the token female vice president pick, this 1984 Mondale ad would like a word with you.

I thought Powerpoint wasn't around in 1988, but this Bush Sr. ad proves me wrong apparently!

If you don't want gas prices to balloon to 98c per gallon, heed this '92 Clinton ad!

Bob Dole's '96 campaign was such a trainwreck, that I honestly couldn't even find an ad. So, here's Bob Dole and Bob Dole's unusable penis talking about Bob Dole's favorite drink under the guise of talking about Bob Dole's favorite penis pill. Bob Dole.

Al Gore's 2000 ad also serves as a music video to pretty much any Enya song.

Thank you for showing me the light, infamous '04 pro-Bush swiftboat ad. I, personally, would never vote for a man who can appear in color or black and white at will. Bush '04: All color, all the time.

Why yes, '08 McCain ad. Apparently he IS ready to lead.

That does it for this edition of AwfulVision! Thanks to to Tut, Gramps, Choom Gang, and Ray for all the good times. Also, shout out to my homeboy, President-elect Barack Obama.

See you guys next week when AwfulVision returns to it's previous format. Feel free to submit some videos here. Until next time,







– Seth "Occupy Japan" Bailey

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