Let's learn English!

This appears to be a clip from a series of "learn to speak English for your visit to *insert English speaking country here*" tapes. Under any other circumstances, that'd be pretty normal, but as with most things from Japan, the reality is that it's buttfuckingly insane.

Also, shameless plug here, but keep an eye out for my own series of English lessons for the Japanese tourist visiting the Something Awful forums which includes such handy phrases as "We don't even watch that much anime", "I'm sorry, but my father would commit sepuku if I dated someone with a neckbeard " and "Your quaint American fascination with our culture somehow just doesn't make up for dropping the bomb on us".

Critics Corner

"why would a mugger have panties tied around his head?"


"yo can anyone speak japanese??

i wanna know how to say

"i love you" in japanese

japanese writing would also be great :D

please help" (editor's note: lol)


"We should have finished the Japanese off in WW2, then we wouldn't have this problem. They suck the life and prosperity from western society. The only valuable contribuition has been animae porn, but other than that they are worthless."


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