3. Website is overly violent or full of hate, revealing some morbid fascination with guns and killing.
5. Clan members have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality.
7. Page layout / color scheme burns your retinas and causes brain damage
8. Website looks as if it were written by Jeff K.

Samples From Website:

"We decide that the members should have the same rank, and that no-one should have a higher position, since it violates against our anarchistisk believes."

"The guestbook and counter is replaced to better ones..."

Description:Why do people make clan pages? No one visits them except for the occasional click-happy old person who searches the words "Viagra" and "erection" on Yahoo! and ends up accidentally stumbling across one of them.

I'm going to cut straight to the chase with this review. I've received too many emails telling me that all my reviews consist of is me telling everyone what different kind of mental or physical damage that a page can cause upon viewing. So here we go with my new style of reviews, aptly starting with a clan calling themselves the PotHeads. The page has two menu bars which are 100% identical, which is slightly fucking stupid... no one likes your site, so it isn't going to save them too much time by having a spare menu in case someone becomes so overwhelmed with the quality of the page that they simply must check out the rest of it right away. The picture of this so called clan makes them look like complete idiots, but I guess with a clan name like theirs, this isn't exactly hard. They are a bunch of geeky 16 year olds that enjoy role-playing and "experimenting" with each other, and yes (before you ask), I am a psychologist.

EXHIBIT A: "Hey, welcome to tha Potheads..
We are a group of losers, that does nothing but
play RPG, drink ALOT of soda, watch movies, and play LANs...
On this page we will have alot of real unnescessary stuff..."

EXHIBIT B: "I know that some motherfuckers has complained that we
have the Quake1-logo on the frames.. but that's not your fuckin' problem!
So shut the fuck up or I'll kill ya! You hear me bitch? I kill ya!"

Exhibit A really sums up this clan. They apparently ARE a group of losers and hell, I'm sure they do nothing but play "RPG" and drink ALOT of soda. Playing LANs is also fun (I've heard it is some form of spy game involving a water pistol filled with vinegar and a single pair of silk stockings). Finally, they are 100% absolutely and honestly correct when they state the page is filled with "unnescessary" stuff, including but not limited to dismal spelling and a ridiculous clan name and that photo on the front which made me want to never, ever go to Jamaica... ever.

Exhibit B shows the hostile nature that we've come to know and love from clans the world over. The grammar used in this instance is enough to dispel the theory that America's education system ever has a chance of working properly. They end with the phrase, "I kill ya!" which I believe is a reference to the popular 80s television alien, Alf.

That is all. I'll leave you with this thought... actually, no I won't.

Link for you to join?: No, there isn't. I'm sorry.

– Tim (@sexyfacts4u)

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