What's up guys and girls, Jump here with another Comedy Goldmine. This one's centered around the board games we grew up with as kids, young adults, or still play whenever we can. Forums goon snortpocket gave the rest of the forums all the inspiration they needed to make this thread a success.

snortpocket gets us started off here with a game called "Bunco"...pink dice?

There's no mistaking the message in snortpocket's picture here...

Does your character...wear mascara, snortpocket? Ok, does you character wear black mascara?

Forgive Milton Bradley for trying to promote the American Dream, snortpocket!

I'm glad I never had any interest in this one then, snortpocket.

"The best part of playing is playing together"? What kind of stupid "play "nice" message were we trying to get across to our kids, snortpocket? (also that's quite enough from you, thanks

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