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social vegan

I get confused every time my dad tries to explain how it works

Lizard Wizard

It involves less cords than it generally used to.

I Was The Fury

Well big boy for about 250 and up you can get some handheld action. But if you want to really experience everything that's on offer, you're looking at a price tag of over 1000


yeah, I could be down to try THE CLOUD stuff


I think i fucked this RAM but I have no memory now


10 PRINT "Hello! Would you like to have sex?"
20 IF "N" GO TO 10, IF "Y" GO TO 30
30 PRINT "We are having sex!"


eight bytes walked into a bar. they asked the bartender to make them a double.


8 bits walk into a bar... the bartender asks... "Are you 10101?"??


56 kilobytes walk into a bar... The bartender says. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!


19 Gigabytes of RAM walk into a bar


So this computer walks into a bar. No i'm just kidding. just fucking with you. No but this young stick of ram and this old stick of ram are standing on top of a hill

I Was The Fury

Awaiting user input....

Awaiting user input....

Awaiting user input....

Seriously is it in yet? I don't compute anything.


"hi, I'm a pc" John Hodgman slowly goes prone and begins dispassionately humping a yellowed desktop computer, missionary style. there's no real love here

"and I'm a mac" Justin Long is going fucking bonkers on this MacBook. He's doing a page from the Karma Sutra every five seconds. he's fucking like a ragdoll body from a videogame that got glitched out and is flying all over the place. he's turned computer lovemaking into modern art

bare bottom pancakes

having a computer is the most alright a person can feel

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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