A group of youths experience issues with locals and the New York public transit network as they try to return home.

Commie NedFlanders

Child enjoys himself after committing bank fraud with plausible deniability.


An erotic illustrator seduces a debutante away from her fiance and incites her to larceny before disappearing from her life.


A woman in rural New York state suffers the trauma of watching her husband flayed by an unknown creature, only to be psychologically abused by government investigators.


A bus driver unwittingly places his passengers in grave danger when he starts driving too fast.


A husband lets his wife's would-be rapist do chores around the house while he's away, knowing first-hand what cruelty he's capable of.

All the while, the incredibly striking resemblance of their own child to a mutual high-school acquaintance of the couple's seems to raise no concerns.


a young boy, abandoned in the winter by criminally neglectful parents, causes severe bodily harm to two petty criminals as he doles out extrajudicial punishment.


Bruce Willis is driving a car one day when he meets a nice but shy girl. They go on a cruise and then he wraps his vacation by visiting some ancient ruins.


A white-collar office drone receives a disturbing telephone call, before quitting his job by jumping out the window.


a bookish, sheltered teenage girl is thrilled that the hunkiest guy in school asked her to the prom. she can't wait to show all those mean girls that teased her how pretty she looks in her prom dress. absolutely nothing could go wrong.

Give up? Flip your monitor upside down for the answer: ¿ǝʇɐƃɹɐʇs sᴉ ǝuo ʎɔɐɹɔoǝɥʇ uƃᴉǝɹoɟ ǝɥʇ ʞuᴉɥʇ I

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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