a young agricultural worker is groomed into a quasi-religious cult by a weird old man and becomes best friends with two notorious criminals and a disgraced royal.


An unpopular president fails to heed intelligence warnings leading up to an unprecedented attack. After an ineffectual counter-offensive that fails to get the chief malefactors, he dons a flight suit and gives a big patriotic speech.

Ah Map

Rowdy Roddy Piper has a psychotic break from the intense pressure of years of maintaining kayfabe and embarks on a random killing spree until he is taken out by a SWAT team whilst vandalising somebodies tv aerial.


A divorced father gets drafted into involuntary servitude as punishment for accidental manslaughter. His child is delighted.


A close-knit group of friends discovers that an underage orgy is the secret to overcoming their coulrophobia.


In the near future, society's inabilty to develop renewable resources creates a food crisis.

Helical Nightmares

Wreckage of airplane found in suburban neighborhood


a young asian boy steals his grandfather's treasured pet and sells it to an unsuspecting white tourist. the animal very rapidly reproduces and its offspring wreak widespread environmental havoc and several deaths - including the merciless slaughter of a well-respected wealth creator that owns the local bank - and blatantly sexually assault a young white woman whose father was tragically killed in a chimney-climbing incident. the boy is never prosecuted for his plethora of crimes. thanks obama.


An Air Force officer tries to topple a foreign theocracy, but the mission is imperiled when his idealistic interpreter discovers a WMD.


A charismatic old man grooms a boy to eventually kill his dearest friends and help him in his bid for political power.

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