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A cop, an alcoholic, and a marine biologist go on a fishing trip.


Deprived of rights, dignity, and any social mobility, the denizens of the desert city of Agrabah suffer through lives of poverty and squalor. One day, a parade heralds the arrival of a singing prince and his retinue of magical animals.

In the lives of the common people, nothing changes.


A nation built on infanticide, slavery, warfare, and oppression resists a benevolent empire's efforts at regime change.


An American man that owns a bar in Morocco runs afoul of the law when the patrons in his bar start singing in French, which is illegal for some reason. To make matters worse, his unfaithful ex-girlfriend is in town!


A man and his father both fuck the same woman while working on a bucket list.


a group of young people brought together by their shared genetic superiority gang up and beat a holocaust survivor

Minimalist Program

The movie is an adaptation of the novel "the Orchid Thief" written by Susan Orlean.

Dr. Arbitrary

Roger Radcliffe meets a woman named Anita, they fall in love and get married. Anita's friend Cruella visits and inspires Roger to write a song about her which becomes a big hit. In a parallel story, Cruella's employees Horace and Jasper watch TV.

Jolly Corndog

An amatuer football player copes with his mother and law's breast cancer while preventing neighborhood youth from using drugs.


One person learns to improve his family's circumstances. Then another man takes a couple of long, boring flights, gives a pep talk and enjoys a sandwich. Two other men take a long trip, passing the time playing chess, jogging and doing checklists. Then there's a malfunction but one guy finishes the job, but it takes a long time.

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