In a sense, the act of comparing apples and oranges is the "forbidden fruit" of our time. It's just not done. That said, here are some posts that... ugh, I can't even type the words. Just read it. You'll see.

Grandmother of Five

It doesn't seem like it'd actually be that difficult to do. We could probably compare them easily.

Grandmother of Five


Grandmother of Five


City of Glompton

I could compare apples and oranges if I wanted to, but I don't feel like it




Grandmother of Five

If the mods read this thread, please take note that I have not been comparing apples and oranges. The picture of the orange and the picture of the apple is in two different posts. I know you're not supposed to compare apples and oranges, and I am not responsible for what other people chose to do.

Space Taxi

The only prank you can do with an orange is put the rind in your mouth and pretend you have orange teeth.

But with apples you can drink the juice and it looks like you are drinking pee pee which is hilarious.

Apples are superior.

Twenty Four


* Pretty successful computer company
* Late 90s iMac's came in Blueberry, Grape, Strawberry, Tangerine, and Lime flavors for diversity


* Only comes in "orange" flavor
* Poor processing power, not enough RAM, no video card


- biodegradable
- immense ecosystem
- not overdesigned and rarely overpriced
- pretentious hipsters may use them but not part of their identity
- no lightning connector, no facetime, no magsafe
- extremely high resolution (better than retina)
- slightly confusing user interface, what do you mean I can't just eat it? what the fuck are these seed things doing there?
- attractive packaging, orange color is excellent branding
- steve jobs probably hated it, not insanely great enough

- tastes awful, maybe I got a bad one

Piso Mojado

[a young Steve Jobs smuggly paces back and forth]

"Take this orange, round, slightly rough, and of course orange in color. Now take this apple, red, smooth, crisp - quite different in almost every way. It would be absurd to compare them, correct? Your parents probably think so. As do your teachers and politicians and many of you in this audience now. But what if we imagined a world where this isnt the case. What if we, as a tech company, and as a society came together to build a better world where we embraced that not only is it perfectly fine to compare these two fruits, but it can be done quite easily.". *lecture hall erupts in roaring applause*

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