- Orange is a nice color.

- Apple is not a color but a fruit AND vegetable!



  • Zesty
  • Sweety


  • keeps doctors away
  • as well as any other successful people
  • my dating life is in shambles


I found some interesting and relevant charts that we can use to analyze the data:


apples walk like this and oranges walk like this

lmbo calrissian

isnt it interesting that a lime is a fruit? or is it not interesting

Grandmother of Five

*bowing my head down, eyes closed in intense concentration, my index+middle fingers pressed against my temples, slowly moving my head up + opening my now smiling eyes* It is interesting.

google THIS

apple: crunchy
orange: also crunchy (freezing required)

orange juice: needs orange flavoring added back after pasteurization
apple juice: does not need orange flavoring added back after pasteurization

apple seeds: grow into apple trees
orange seeds: grow into papaya trees, oddly enough, unless I picked the wrong seeds out of that fruit salad

mandarin oranges: small bite size oranges, handy portable snack
mandarin apples: enormous apples the size of city blocks, commonly contain Shai-Hulud, may his passing cleanse the world.


customer: how are the oranges today?

young shopclerk: I'll be honest with you, they're a little past their peak. in terms of value, apples are a much better bet right now, we just got a big shipment of galas from the orchard and they're on sale.

*sky dims, thunder rumbles, lightning flashes, a huge chasm opens in the earth and swallows the screaming shopclerk whole*

customer, shaking head sadly: they never learn

google THIS

Serpent: Eat of the fruit of the tree and you shall be like God, able to compare apples and oranges.

Eve: (horrified gasp) No one should have that power!

Serpent: (sighs) Fine. The fruit of that other tree will get you kicked out of paradise and doom your descendants to toil, oppression, hate, fear, depravity, and never-ending violence.

Eve: Whew, that one sounds more my speed.


apples: the underdeveloped self, the fear of the unknown, the wrong-headed search for selfish enjoyment

oranges: the affirmation of the collective self, the knowledge of unbound truth, the self-satisfaction of the aquarius

little munchkin

one of the biggest differences between apples and oranges is that it's easy to imagine eating a delicious apple. slicing it up into smaller pieces, having a little juice down your chin, etc. with oranges, it's not so easy.

Historical Wizards

Little did the stuffed suits know, the sizeable research grant provided to truly differentiate between apples and oranges, was really part of a scheme by wily scientists to save a few bucks on groceries

Grandmother of Five

I just didn't think anyone would actually do it. It's like, when you're a kid and you dare a friend to do something & you never thought they actually do it; they just straight up compare apples and oranges.

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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