Page of Woe! Terrible images that should never have been made.

"toolboi" uses the phrase All Your Base! Now, see, the reason that's funny is because it's poorly translated! Who would've thought of making fun of something that was poorly translated. Everyone will love this, because the year is 1999. And at the dawn of a new millenium, that's just how we like our comedy!

* will dentote sarcasm in this next comment.

"Chibboleth" made this *fucking wonderful* image, which is ***very funny*** and *********surely***** ******hillarious************ because it contains both Lowtax AND Jeff K. Gee, ************************that's amazing********************, maybe you could *************throw******** a picture of Cliff Yablonski in there for added hillarity to this *w*o*n*d*e*r*f*u*l* piece of Photoshoppery. **********I hate you.*****************...oh wait, scratch those last stars. My fingers slipped. Damn these robust pianist fingers.

"Spaceface" says LOL so this stupid image is instantly funny, right guys? Guys? Lady Di's death is no laughing...wait, lady Di...Die? hahahahh! OMG LOL THIS IZ SO FUNEY!!!!!!!

...see how funny the LOL thing is?

"Stepping Razor" made this image, worthy of Pablo Picasso himself. The joke is, they don't have money! And apparently, they only have enough cash for MS Paint! You are the comedy equivalent of receiving a colonoscopy, and the art equivalent of giving a colonoscopy. Which is worse? You decide.

Ok, that's the end for real folks! See you next week, when we'll have some great stuff, and some really, really shitty stuff too! Enjoy!

– Scott "Kung Fucious" Delbango

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