Chef Boyardee

the pet should Not have juked out Princess diana. This pet should Not have juked her,to the after life. Pet Pranks. Pet joke,s, top pet joke. Welcome to the pet joke web ring, this pet Love s To Prank, he is a jokester and a pranker. he doesn't care about air traffic safety and always runs past the airport screeners, Which Is a dog prank. Pet tragedy,Columbine Pet, Pet sexballs removed in a terrible accident that also left him circumcised. Help me. My pet was just circumcised And won't stop bleeding. My Pet is creating a huge mess,My Pet is barking so loud, Spray Your Pet With Febreeze

what happens when you put incompatible pets in the same mansion and then force them to do missions? Will it be Pet bullshit? Will it,Be a pet fiasco?





– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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