Chef Boyardee

Do pet's have emotions, how to tell if your pet is emo, how to tell if your pet is a horse, how to see Pet Breast, How to ,pet: World Record: Pet Says "Exterminate Race Traitors".Pet legality, pet represents himself in court, pet goes to Jail for not saying "under god" in pledge of allegiance,Are Gay Pets Illegal, . Please Help me.My "pet" has a barking problem and has done 50k barks. This Pet s out of control.: Previous owners: the Sexual Goon Brothers. this pet , Loves To Watch B.E.T. , Should I be concerned ? Is Bird Seed A Pet? World record:Pet jukes out Princess Diana,disrespectful pet does a juke, Pets sHould Not juke nobility,, Constitutional Amendmentl says; p,et, , pet/

OOC: I believe it's only okay to Get Tender with a pet that gives verbal consent i.e. parrots, certain record-holding Pet's,et al.



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