700 Shuttles to End War on Earth, submitted by SoylentCola. Greg Buell invented the Windmill Car in the hopes that it would save people from burning to death in car accidents I...uh...I guess. It's sort of hard to tell because Greg talks mostly in incoherent rants and thirty page long poems.

New Years Day 2003

Hell of burning to death in gasoline today

2003 New Years Day Poem

Poems + inventions I will start working on when freed
From this Orwellian Hell
Stop the War that lets others burn to death in gasoline

393 fatal car crashes today + some will crash and burn
Seeing the government still requires gas in car engines

Electric Windmill Car with an electric engine is against the law
Against the Law

That’s right it’s against the law to have an Electric Windmill Car
Generals have deserted the mass of Humanity for Texas Oil Men
Generals have deserted the mass of Humanity for Texas Oil Men
Generals have deserted the mass of Humanity for Texas Oil Men

“West Point Generals Will Hang on a Christmas Day”
Poem I will e-mail to everyone in the World

Video of 50,000 cars on fire with people inside
Since the invention of the Electric Windmill Car

That's not the whole poem either, it goes on for pages and pages about gasoline fires, car wrecks, generals, and oil barons. Oh, hey ladies, he's looking for a woman to take away the pain!

I'm looking for wives, to brainstorm inventions, women who want to find gravity control and are rock climbers and the like. And 50 + years old. MD or Ph.D. women who want to find the cure for cancer before we die. - And 1,001 other inventions

They must be Anti-War in General because Gen. Orwell Has suppressed the Electric Windmill Car for Texas Oil money And now for Iraq oil money. More Americans will burn to death In gasoline for Iraq oil money than Marines killed in 2 Iraq Wars.

Wives I’m looking for will spit on these Generals. Will not suck up to them or profit from people burning to death for more oil money

So ladies, if you're single and would spit on Generals who profit from killing people with gasoline fires then it sounds like you're right for him. That is if you have a MD or Ph.D and 8+ years experience in dating crazy windmill car inventors. Chat him up at AIM name "HOT4WINDMILL-GENERALORWELL".

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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