I get some funny customer incidents at work. I am the manager of a restaurant. One day these two people came in and the girl walked right up to me (I was standing behind the cashier) and asked if we take discover (there is a sign right in front of her face that says we only take Visa/Mastercard/American express.)

Her: Do you take Discover?
Me: No.
Her(apparantly shocked and appalled by the fact I said no): WHAT?
Me (slow and enunciated): NOOOOOOOOO.

She got pissed and stormed out.

Grand prize:

"What can I put with an oscar that kills everything I put with it?"

I used to do tech support. One day at about 10 AM this dude with a thick country accent calls in, slurring his words pretty badly.

Me: Thank you for calling blah blah...
Dude: Yeah, you got a guy named uh, Justin workin' there?
Me: Yes, sir, would you like me to transfer you?
Dude: Well, this is (whatever his name was). You just tell him for me, that he's a stupid
sonofabitch and if I had a boot in one hand..

At that point I just hung up. I didn't really want to know what was in the other hand at the time. Now I wish I'd have let him finish.

This happened back in Fall 2001 at Funcoland (Now Gamestop).

Customer: So I hear that PS3 is coming out next spring.
Me: I don't think so, PS2 just came out last year.
Customer: But I heard it downtown from a guy in a suit!
Me: So if someone wears a suit, it must be true?
Customer: ...Nevermind. (leaves store)

I work at a video rental place

Me: "Ok Ma'am, those are due back on Saturday before midnight"
Her: "I.. have to return these?"


Something I witnessed weeks ago:

Customer: Hi, I'd like a few cups please.
Clerk: Our cups are 16 cents each.
Customer: But I just bought an orange juice here.
Clerk: Sorry, they're still 16 cents.
Customer: I'm not paying 16 cents for cups.
Clerk: Alright.


Customer: So, can I have some cups?
Clerk: Cups are 16 cents each.
(Storms off)

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