This past week was not a good time for members of the political media. Jon Stewart reprised his memorable smackdown of CNN's "Crossfire earlier this week by demolishing Jim Cramer, the host of "Mad Money" and noted postapocalyptic diarist. Meanwhile, David Gregory and Tim Russert were outed by Glenn Greenwald as slavering pawns in the giant game played by political elites in America. It's fair to say that political media sucks pretty hard right now.

Political cartoonists are a subset of that larger, awful political media conglomerate. Stupidity is the exclusive province of neither ideology: both Ted Rall and Michael Ramirez are equally loathsome players in this game. It actually pains me every time I open the Sunday paper, see something like this, and realize that someone illustrates this shit for a living.

I suppose it is bittersweet, then, that SomethingAwful forum goon Deep Hurting draws political cartoons. Bitter, because he can't get hired in a world which tolerates Rall and Ramirez on a daily basis. Sweet, because for the last few months he's been entertaining us throughout several threads with his witty, well-drawn cartoons. Below are some of the best, culled from the forums and his website and roughly organized by topic. Enjoy the following, because they're better than anything you'll see professionals do any day.

The Primaries

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