Some Goons had seen quite enough of this disgusting spectacle; others wanted more. Guess which side prevailed!


This thread had me staring at a glass of hamster food I put in the blender and poured orange juice over for a few minutes. Couldn't do it. Could simply not do it. Ruined my blender for the internet, so that's something I guess.


There's starving hamsters in china that would give anything for a bit of that rodent food and orange juice. Starving baby hamsters!


There's starving baby wolves in Finland that would give anything for a bit of those starving baby hamsters. Starving baby wolves!

Starving Wolf

Finally, someone addresses our plight .

Adorable little tangent aside, it's nice to see that someone came to their senses and -- wait, what?


Found a half-year-old egg in the fridge and milk that seemed a bit off. Oh, and some tomato juice. Cupcakes!

The pet mice I bought this food for died in 2007. Also, OJ + iffy milk + old, old egg + tomato juice. The gagging is real, let me assure you.

...And the rest!





(Prologue: Talking about the cat-food omelet, preparing the cat-food omelet; Epilogue: vomiting the cat-food omelet)

There you have it, BaconBits reigns as the dog food puppet master! Granted, Homer Simpson didn't actually eat dog food in the exchange quoted above, but I'm sure he would have if necessary, because that guy will eat anything.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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