Technically, it could have ended there, but BaconBits is in no position to throw away already-purchased pet food!


I ate a prepared meal. It was basically Campbell's Chunky Soup, hence all the gagging and crying.

Bash Ironfist

Do you not see the expressions of agony, horror and disgust appear as he eats it? It's like someone's told him his mom is dead, in taste form.


Dry heaves at 1:19, 1:56, 2:25, 2:43, 2:50, 3:27, 4:10, 4:23, 4:29, 4:35

kreayshawns talent

That's gross as the dickens.

Well, there you have it, BaconBits successfully completed his challenge and so did a brave volunteer. It was just like the Hunger Games! Surely this would be an end to the saga, as there would be no incentive for other Goons to --


Dark Onion


It's not too late, goons. You too, can win a Fabulous Prize* by posting a video of you eating pet food for no real reason.

In fact, why limit it to dog and (apparently) cat food? Iguanas eat things I'm pretty sure, and I know a lot of you are odd and like to own reptiles. Eat some fish food. Do whatever, it's a party. FABULOUS PRIZES *

*There is no prize why would there be a prize

My Little Puni


It's really fucking long (~47 min). But it does involve Actual Vomiting towards the end.

I'm sorry about the length (I have no idea how to edit videos), and especially sorry for everything else.

As an addendum, my piss smelled like cat food this morning.

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