The Happy Happy Hamtaro Hentai Story, inspired by Hamtaro, written by RedBootHamtaro glanced at the clock. 10:30PM. It was time for Laura to come in and write her daily journal entry. Sure enough, Laura walked into the room, saying her goodnights to her parents. She walked over to Hamtaro’s cage and opened it up, letting the hamster sit on her desk as she wrote her entry.“Today was a good day,” Laura said, narrating her entry for no particular reason. “That one boy I liked looked at me. At least I think he did. I don’t know…I sure was looking at him though. Whenever he stood up, I stared at his pants to see if he had an erection.”“Puchu?” Hamtaro mumbled in confusion.Laura giggled. “I knew that was a sick thing to do, but I couldn’t help it. It even made me a little wet…” Laura sighed, and her face flushed a bit. “I just want him to hold me and rub his body against my slowly developing breasts…”Hamtaro thought for a moment. “Boy, Laura seems really horny…I wish there was something I could do to help her.” The little hamster thought for a while longer, and then had an idea.He rushed across the table towards Laura, and leaped at the end of the table, grabbing onto Laura’s pajama top. She giggled. “Hamtaro, what are you doing?”Hamtaro rushed down her body, stopping at the top of her pajama pants. He nuzzled his ham-nose up against her waist, and was able to get underneath her pants, and then her panties.“Hamtaro?” she asked, a little confused.Hamtaro crawled down her panties, stopping at the lips of her vagina. He pushed the sides open with his ham-hands, and crawled inside.“Oh, Hamtaro!” Laura said, her voice shaky with this new pleasure.Hamtaro quickly pulled himself out of her vagina, and then pushed back in. He continued going in and out of her pussy, going as quickly as he could.“Oh, Hamtaro! That feels so good!” Laura moaned, her voice full of pleasure.Hamtaro smiled, happy that he was giving his owner pleasure. But, in doing this action, he himself had gotten a bit aroused. He tried out going into Laura’s vagina using just one hand, and he found he could do it easily. So, he took his free hand and grasped his little ham-cock, and began jerking off vigorously, while continuing to thrust in and out of Laura’s pussy.Laura continued to moan, her body jerking a bit with pleasure. Hamtaro could feel the inside of her vagina getting more and more moist, and he knew that she couldn’t hold out much longer. That was fine, he couldn’t either. He sped up as much as he could, making sure Laura could get as much pleasure as possible out of her climax.“OH, HAMTARO! OH GOD! I’M GOING TO CUM!” she shouted. Hamtaro thrusted into her cunt one last time, and was almost flushed out when a wave of Laura’s juices came streaming out. This was too much for the poor hamster, and he blew his ham-load all over the interior of Laura’s pussy.Laura sat still for a moment, relaxing in her pleasure. Then she reached down her pants and pulled Hamtaro out of her vagina. She brought him up to her face and kissed him gently. “Thank you Hamtaro,” she said. “That was incredible.”

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