What About Bob?, submitted by atomic johnson. Robert H. Forsman Jr.'s website is in the running for the nerdiest website ever created. Forsman, a self-described Babylon-5 fan, humorist and flame-expert, maintains this sprawling collection of barebones web pages and terrible Usenet posts. Many of Forsman's "humorous" topics are so inane or technical that it's difficult to even determine what he is "flaming the crap out of". Even when he is easy to understand you will wish that he wasn't.

Attention, HTML Authors,
The aliens are coming! Give me the phone numbers of all your clients and then kill yourself to begin the journey to the flying saucers. I'll be along shortly, I just have to call all your clients and tell them the good news.
Sugar Hill, GA

Look out, HTML Authors! Forsman is after your big money clients who are paying you big bucks for big HTML projects like OPERATION: BOLD SOME TEXT and THE PARAGRAPH PROJECT.

Be sure to take a couple minutes to check out "Bob Raw and Uncensored" which is so totally raw that he censors the word "fuck" out of the title. In this section of his site you can expect such tasteless humor as a song about the freeware Star Trek game Net Trek written to the tune of Paul Simon's "Love Me Like a Rock".

Oh yeah, he also totally skewers "csh" and "wellfleet box", whatever the fuck those two things are. I'm sorry, whatever the f*** those two things are.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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