The SA Forum Goons love their emoticons, for sure. That's been said, by me, using slightly different words, last year. But! This time they're putting some extra effort into bringing their creations to life, in the form of YouTube videos, and even YouTube trailers announcing the impending arrival of YouTube videos. You might be saying "I don't care about emoticons," and that's fine, but maybe you'll enjoy these even more, given that you have the unique opportunity to view them as bewildering works of surreal animation, devoid of context and expectations.

If you only watch one of these videos, make it this schmuckfeatures masterpiece, from this humble origin.


Chainclaw (YouTube Dubber video, swaps "Also Sprach Zarathustra" for schmuckfeatures' soundtrack.)

Bad Munki (opted for a slightly different performance of the same song.)


Silas the Mariner: This is a animated trailer, set to music, advertising the forthcoming release of an animated 3D render of a forums smiley that Doc Evil nicked from a French website in 2006.

It's mental. It's also why I love these forums.


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