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6 Benefits Of The Non-GMO Organic Placenta Diet
For the last 2 weeks, I've been eating nothing but organic, pesticide-free placenta.

The Placenta Doesn't Have To Be Yours In Order For You To Eat It
It's time for this country to wake up: We need a better way for placentophiles to get placentas than hanging around ER exits

I'm Kind Of Mixed Up Whether I Should Love And Cherish My Baby Or The Weird Blob Of Guts That Came Out After
Every day I say goodbye to Johnny, the placenta that kept that kid of mine alive...

9 Uses For Placenta You Didn't Know About
It's not just for eating any more. Did you know placenta can be boiled to make a powerful...

Why Aren't There Books To Read To Your Placenta?
We need to leave child-centrism behind us and get some books to snuggle up with your placenta and read to it..

Hispanic Women Don't Seem To Want To Have Anything To Do With Their Placentas
Last week I asked Maria, my housekeeper, if she wanted to use my fridge for her placenta and she looked at me like...

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What is "Rapunzel-Style Parenting," And Why Is It So Popular?

New Study Suggest Rapunzel Parenting Will Make Children MORE Social As Adults

Why Rapunzel Parenting Is Here To Stay

Doctors Call "Rapunzel-Style Parenting" Into Question

Why I Don't Care About The Looks I get When I say I'm Raising My Children Rapunzel-Style

It Doesn't Matter What The Media Says, Rapunzel Parenting DID NOT Cause Those Deaths

Why I Gave Up Rapunzel Parenting

California Bans Rapunzel-Style Parenting

I Was Raised "Rapunzel-Style" For Ten Years, And It Was The Best Thing My Parents Did For Me

Why This Doctor Says The Criticism of "Rapunzel-Style Parenting" Was Unfounded

Rapunzel Style Parenting Making A Comeback

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