As both a mafia snitch and a practicing catholic, one of my favorite pass-times is confessing. Thankfully, there is a whole internet community established for this very reason. This allows users to admit to shameful misdoings on the move, allowing them to maintain an active and exciting lifestyle. Recently, some of our cruel forum goons have been raking through the archives of one of these sites known as Grouphug, and transforming their sinful deeds into classy pieces of art. Most of the following pictures contain a bunch of numbers, so enter these into the Grouphug site to see the confession that the picture corresponds to. It's the first ever interactive Comedy Goldmine. The future is finally here. Enjoy.

All Amercian Wayne harnessed the awesome power of horses to create this image.


I'm 22 and can't kiss.

Aphasia was drunk with power (by power I mean whiskey) when creating the following three contributions.

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