YIKES Stay Gooned

Roses are...also beautiful when they scatter.

Who: Eagle Bomber

Source: Bomberman Generation

Notes: The Eagle Bomber was a member of an organization known as the Crush Bombers, which formed a coalition with Bomberman's primary adversary, the Hige Hige Bandits. Upon venturing through the ruins of Tako Desert, Bomberman is soon confronted and challenged by the Eagle Bomber. After being defeated by Bomberman, the Eagle Bomber utters his last words as he falls on his back with spread arms, exploding upon impact.

YIKES Stay Gooned

Hey, hey, hey! Yeah, you! I've been doing this for ten stinkin' years!! Back and forward, back and forward, and I'm sick of it!! Well I'm not gonna do it no more!

Who: Generic skunk

Source: Crash Twinsanity

Note: What the skunk has been doing for ten years was pacing back and forth as a generic enemy. Crash spins this skunk into a field of explosive Nitro crates after he refuses to pace anymore.


For God's sake, open the silo doors! They're coming for us, it's our only way out! (pause as the security guard is eaten) Oh, my GOD, WE'RE DOOMED!

Who: Unnamed scientist

Source: Half-Life

Note: Character is obviously in a state of panic as he screams the first line. He scrambles to and begins to pound on the window of a security station, the guard of which is subsequently dragged into an air vent by a monster. Upon seeing this, the character screams the latter line and sprints head-first into a corridor filled with laser tripmines.

YIKES Stay Gooned

Ahhhaahh! I'm burning! Aaargh!! Nooooo!!!

Who: Rasputin "Rocky" Kuznetskov

Source: True Crime: Streets of LA

Note: Character dies in alternate endings. The first line is said when he is shot in the back in the average ending. The second line is said when he is burned to death from the plane crash.

YIKES Stay Gooned

It can't be!!! Impossible!!! I... No... How could I... And to this filthy little pair! HOW COULD I LOSE?????

Who: Cackletta

Source: Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga

Notes: Character is a spirit possessing Bowser. When the Mario Brothers defeat her soul and are spat out by Bowletta, she lies defeated and says these lines, before Cackletta's spirit appears and dissolves into nothing.


"Then I can die happy. Goodbye, boys."

Who: Warden Clement Darling

Source: The House of the Dead: Overkill

Note: Character says this as he climbs into the mutated womb of his dead mother.

Pablo Gigante

Aaaah.... I thank you for the excitement....

Who: The Black Dragon

Source: Chrono Cross

Notes: Before the battle, the Dragon requested to be entertained. It evaporates following this quote, indicating it is pleased with the results.


Fuck you!

Source: Dead Rising 3

Who: General John Hemlock

Note: Said to Nick before he kicks the General into a plane's rotors.

YIKES Stay Gooned

Useless piece of shit...What is this fucking code. [The Crusader types "666" into keypad on computer terminal and a green check mark confirms proper password entry; SWAT Team bursts into the room: He's here!] So, the time has come. Raahahahaha! I only wonder if those explosives will work. [The Crusader pulls out a remote detonator and sets off a nuclear explosion, killing everybody within 150 miles of the nuclear power plant] Well...they did.

Who: The Crusader

Source: Hatred

Notes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOPlK10Rcdk

Thanks to YIKES Stay Gooned for the theme, and congratulations to the Imp Zone forum for its first front-page goldmine! Also, thank you to the Wikiquote contributors, and RIP, to those who died.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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