Davelord Cheeto

link still doesn't talk but in addition to his usual high ya battle cry and uwaahhhh falling sound he also has a death gurggle and weeping vocalization

stevie ray bong

link is unable to talk until he salvages enough rupees (or bitrupees as they are known as in the future) to purchase coffee beans

Is it fascism yet

he needs to catch an urgent flight but secruty wont let him keep the bombs in his bag, creating a difficult dilemma for the player


link: [smoking cigarette in the shadows on the freedom side of bars at the hyrule asylum] *long, smoky exhale* Tell me... everything you know.
Crazy Windmill Man: *eyes grow wide, mimes fiercely turning organ grinder, loudly vocalizes a strange tune*

James Hardon

link: someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets *plays the song of storms*

Ah Pook

10 years after saving Zelda and finally defeating Ganon, Link is now a scarred vigilante, taking on the thugs and bosses that the Hyrule Castle Guard is too scared to confront. But a new force is rising behind the scenes, quietly taking political power and manipulating the world for unknown reasons. Who is this mysterious man lurking in the shadows... and why does he look so much like Link?


link is zelda and has been all along


Link stands in front of burned down tree village:

I should have listened, Navi... I should have listened...

*ALice in chains Would plays over credits*


the game ends with (SPOILERS!) link coming to terms with all of the death and destruction he has caused, so he kills him self using a light arrow in the most epic way possible

Is it fascism yet

it seems the only dungeon he could not clear... was the dungeon of man's soul


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