In college, you either fit in, or you're left out. With popular fashion trends dictating what many students wear and use, you might get the feeling that you're actually walking through the set of a commercial, but no one's told you yet.

And the other half of the people in Blue Moonlight's college follow the bottled spring water trend.

Mark Reese's Trendy McPopcollar doesn't even need a face — we all know him all too well.

It might be in their collective course requirement to act like hard asses, Keeks — they'll sure need to have that down by the time they're looking for a job out of college.

What do you think the chances are they all have shirts with their collars popped underneath those jackets, Insurrectum?

Maybe they're practicing their wedge block for their intramural football team, Jaf?

Well, gillociraptor, I guess following some annoying trends can pay its dividends...

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