Of course, you don't necessarily have to be following some trend to be an annoying asshole.

Demon Goat Boy has a different way of letting you know Your Band Sucks.

Guess who's back...back again...Shady's back...but don't tell Flynn Taggart.

Yeah, but you have to admit, Recess Rapist — she and Trendy McPopcollar are going to have such wonderful children.

Doppelganger would love it if we could just give people the custom red titles they deserve in real life.

Don't be hatin on how dey roll up in D-Jerz, Ragin Asian.

MrPazzah was a lot more patient than most people would be, all things considered.

When you get up, Oldbill, be sure to rise and Shine On You Crazy Diamond — all nine parts of it, extra loud.

I'm pretty sure that the fact that he listens to KICK ASS CREED alone entitles him, iddqdlol.

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