You're going to have to get acclimated with your major and its workload pretty early, no matter how daunting or useless it may seem. You don't really have a choice, do you?

Have fun getting situated in your new classes!

It's not too late to change majors, Antifederalist.

Or maybe you can split the coursework with Salvor_Hardin so he works through all the science stuff and you do the reading!

Only three lines of coke? Your housemate's totally slacking off, Commander Tebok.

And what's college without people failing to take schoolwork seriously?

Having gotten my English degree last year, Pyroblaze, I feel your pain.

Same deal with Spoeank here.

You can copy fashion trends all you want, but you're not copying any of Walmartshoplifter's work, toots.

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