Though the SomethingAwful forums are best known as a place for debauched, unearthly adolescents to hang out and compare notes about the newest release of the Sims, there are a scattered few geriatric goons. One of them, a wizened old feller by the name of genesplicer, took it upon himself to share with the rest of the Internet a series of robots he drew for his junior high students to explain elementary physics.

Before long, genesplicer was taking all sorts of requests, most of which related physics in only the most attenuated (and sometimes erotic) of ways. Other goons joined in. In part one of this two part series, we review genesplicer's contributions to this long running thread, while next week we'll take a look at everyone else's. 


first, I suck at drawing. I even minored in art in my undergrad days in hopes of improving my drawing ability. It did not help. Now, many years later, I have gotten back into drawing, in the vain hopes of improving.

I use drawings in my classes to illustrate concepts for my students. The bots are the most popular with my students. I use them to show various physics concepts. Here are a few examples from my motion lecture:

Then I began drawing random bots doing random things, just for the hell of it.

A snob among bots

The Ultimate in Macho

A tribute to "Top Gear"

Because I like the living dead

And because I know what kind of people inhabit GBS, I give you...


So, suggest bots doing things, and I will illustrate some of them.

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