Cat Face Joe

an event where you maneuver an office chair through an obstacle course and cut a target with your katana at the end

carry on then

microsoft bobsled

Fuzzy Mammal


Powerful Two-Hander

24x5x52x4x100m sprint with a scrum call every 100m

it lasts for the duration of the tournament and by the end nobody can remember what the goal was when they started and they agree to just forget about the whole thing


Judo but like with anime powers or something

The Management

floppy discus toss


long jmp

Fuzzy Mammal

men's 109.9999999999999999 meter hurdles

Salt Fish

A freestyle competition in which each competitor attempts to injure themselves as gratuitously as possible. After the award ceremony webms of the performances are made the background of the images thread.


Not Shutting The Fuck Up About Trains

Citizen Tayne

handball, but with a Samsung phone


synchronized vimming


synchronized whiteness

Fuzzy Mammal

marathon: speed run bungie's marathon on an imac


the 750ml Drink Until You Don't Regret Your Career Choices Sprint

the 2 Hour Conference Call Marathon, last one to give up and switch to the 750ml Sprint wins

– David "g0m" Dolan (@g0m)

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