pipes!: Chainy, the helpful chainsaw.


SpaceBees: Could someone draw Blanka and Dan Habiki from Street Fighter doing a bong and getting high as fuck? If you did this you would be my hero forever.

Fairly Incredible:

The Worst Unicorn: Draw a hamburger that's also a butt.


Clamps McGraw: My primary interests in life are anthropomorphic crabs, hence the username. I would love to see a picture of a Clint Eastwood-esque Old West crab. Not Sammity Sam type. A grizzled old, angry broken-down gold prospector who saw his wife die of dysentery and his brother scalped by Arapaho indians before he moved west. A crab with nothing to lose and a mean streak a mile wide.

Fairly Incredible:

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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