One time I went to make nachos and found I had no taco cheese or shredded cheese of any kind and only one slice of American cheese. It was a pretty sad looking plate of nachos.


It looks like somebody tried to band-aid a broken vase back together.


American cheese slices by themselves. One by one, each unwrapped and eaten individually.


A single McDonald's hamburger inside a double McDonald's hamburger.

It sounds awesome, but then you wonder what you must be doing wrong with your life that made you get excited about combining burgers.

elf pr0n

I have an aunt who walks to McDonald's every Monday and buys about 10 39 cent hamburgers and eats/freezes them until Thursday when she goes back and buys 49 cent cheeseburgers. That's all she eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Nice old man ordering just a small decaf black coffee, or worse, one plain vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald's, then sitting at a table by himself.

Helena Handbasket

God dammit, you just made me cry, and it's been ten years since I worked at McDonald's. They pay with exact change, too. I used to wait until they went away from the register, and then I'd go cry in the break room for a minute.

I almost always worked mornings, and we had an elderly guy called Tony who would come in and get a senior-discount coffee every day, and read a paper he brought in with him. He's probably dead now or in a nursing home, and all the generations of punk-ass high school kids who flow through that place don't even know that he's gone.


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