I love my balls but they can lead to some embarrassing situations with my other sidekick - dog.

(achievement unlocked)

After getting rid of the dog (named Digger, of all the Godly names), we were free to get back to our mission, but instead I started getting really into Evelyn for some reason:

...I felt a shadow overwhelm me...

...and I was feverish and I didn't feel so good.

In-between those purely platonic outbursts of the crazy love affair I had with Evelyn in my head we somehow put the slim Nazi Pitbull behind bars. I don't remember any of it.

Then, when the sun was setting and the credits were about to roll (in my head), I asked Evelyn the question that I'm sure every cool guy conquers his future girlfriend wife with:


Thanks to Palpek for the write-up! You can e-mail him to suggest games for future installments!

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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