Emo Businessman: steve do you listen to rap music if so who is your favorite rap artist

SB: Yes! I get the latest rhymes in the paper every Sunday from my favorite wrapper, Snoopy the Dog.

HastyDeparture: Steve, if you had to use one non-Micrsoft operating system, what would it be?

SB: Uhh.. OS/2?

biznatchio: Hey Steve, what's your favorite new feature in Windows 7?

SB: Private browsing. You know what I use that for, right?

Heh. I think you do.

martyFREEDOM: Steve, SCCM is cool and all, but it's management interface is a plopped together oversatured pile of shit. Fix it.

SB: Me? Fix?

Listen, you insignificant little chode: there is nothing wrong with SCCM - you are the one that's broken. You don't like it? Use something else.

Oh... that's right, you can't. You need Ballmy.

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