One of the keepers had the bright idea of spreading sand on the floor and leaving some bait for the cobra. That way they could tell if in fact, he was downstairs. So that night, they did just that.

The head office requested that a security guard be posted inside the Snake House at night to watch for the snake. Of course, they told old Luther that he was the lucky one. He never let on about his fear of snakes because he was afraid he'd lose his job. The first night went by, but no snake.About 4:30 the next afternoon, one of the keepers was snooping around the basement one last time. She looked up on top of the ductwork, and she saw the cobra. It had apparently just died. Everyone was sad, but relieved.

After the dust had settled, 2 keepers volunteered to stay behind and lock up. Little did anyone know what they had planned? They wanted to play a joke on old Luther. Knowing his fear of snakes, they decided to plant the cobra somewhere obvious so that when Luther came in for his night shift, he'd see it and hilarity would ensue.

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