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Android Blues

Innocent Young Stoner Gets Job, Discovers Cycling, Has Never Felt More Alive (41:52) [jobdom, paraphernalia in shot]

Twenty Four

A group of people sitting at a table passing a joint around. Right before it gets to the last person they start passing it the other way again and again.


Caught by Sister-in-Law She Mocks Your Tiny Joint - Says a Tiny Joint Like Yours Wouldn't Even Get Her Buzzed [Humiliation, Small Joint, Chief Denial]


Sissy Forced To Wear Bob Marley Shirt And Pretend He Thinks It's Che Guevara


[asmr] japanese girl crinkles, tears rizlas; whispers about how she threw your bud into the compost pile with the lawn clippings


Friend of a friend bogarts joint, too uncomfortable to comment (interracial)

Android Blues

Watch This Monkey, Incapable of Discovering Fire, Try to Smoke a Blunt [12:37] 

straight_edgeinthasheets [-][+] [72]
when the monkey developed simple tools like sticks and rocks , and tried to use them to make the fire...well let s just say i need a new silk jackin it kimono haha

punishedpuffin [-][+] [11]
Another good one, straightedge.

ron color

husband walking past the bedroom: honey im just gonna take this weed and go smoke ALL of it.......
spouse not looking up: mm hm
hudband walking past the bedroom the other way: yeah this WEED looks so good... i sure hope no one Stops Me From Smoking It................Honey??
spouse: not now
husaband: wow look at this joint theres waayyy too much in this.......*whispering in their ear* its not even rolled good its falling apart
spouse: NO


Just Before a Three Day Weedkend, Your Aunt and Uncle Drop In Unexpectedly, Aunt Linda and Uncle Joe's Charleston Chew Factory Tour Story (Part 1/27)

9, 10, Never Chief Again... Aunt Linda Explains How the Factory Keeps a Dentist on Staff to Handle Lost Fillings and Crowns (Part 9/27)

The Story Has No End, So Long Weedkend, Uncle Joe's Glasses Fall Into a Nougat Vat, Tour Guide Says They're Lost to the Nougat Abyss (Part 21/27)



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