Remember McGruff the Crime Dog? He died of lung cancer while molesting an 8-year-old boy.

Update FAQ

Q: Where did the idea for this update come from?

A: A conversation I had with Lowtax probably like six years ago. We were aspiring criminal masterminds.

Q: That update wasn't very good.

A: That isn't a question.
Personal Insight

I want the world to know that I sometimes eat honey-roasted peanuts. My opinion on Cheetos? LOVE IT, OR LEAVE IT!!!

ICQ Chat Log Flashback

This serious conversation with SA Forum Admin radium occurred on 2/15/2000:

Fragmaster: there is a pastry with your face on it
radium: good
radium: do you trade WAREZ on the internnet
Fragmaster: yes i have access to an aol keyword and an INTENRET search engine so yes
radium: ok, that is iLELgal in the usA and you get caught and be in jail because you were downloading searching for the ware z on line.
Fragmaster: i cannot go to jail because i am not gay and alos i will hire a ghost lawyer
radium: oh a gost layers are good because my uncle fred had one wen his wife cut his knee off and he wont ten dollars I think on peoples court and then he spent it i think thats what happened
Fragmaster: ok well if he was on television you should tape that because when i was on television my parents wouldnt let me tape over a tape of dolly parton singing with jerry lewis and i could not tape myself on tv and now nobody believes i was on television when i really was i was on the news and they asked me what i thought and i said yes it is ok and yes hello you are nice and if i had the tape i could show it to the people who dont believe me and then they could see i really was on tv
radium: i dont know what your talking about but yesterday I found a dollar
Fragmaster: thats good you should spend it
radium: i know I will buy a vakyoom cleanar for my mom
Fragmaster: your mom sucks like a vacuyoum cleaner ha ha she is hore is what i ment
radium: i dont get it
radium: do you have a video card in yor computar/ it makes movies
Fragmaster: no i am not a moviestar
Fragmaster: haha

– Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen

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