Zack: Morton Downey runs past Bill Clinton's dressing room. Clinton sticks his head out into the hallway, sees the servitor and gains the permanent insanity of a sexual compulsion. He ducks back inside and slams the door closed. The leader of the commandos seems to be occupied in a gunfight with Secret Service.

Steve: We were supposed to help those guys, weren't we?

Zack: They were conceivably your allies. Left Eye's friend from the beginning was one of them.

Steve: Whooooooops! Kurt is digging his heels in and telling Station to gallop after Morton Downey.

Zack: Station doesn't really gallop. He moves like one of the bigger creatures from Dark Crystal. Sort of a rapid trundling.

Steve: Just stay on his heels.

Zack: Morton Downey knocks aside a shocked PA and barrels through red double doors. You see a flash of bright lights and then you are through the doors as well. You are on stage in front of a packed theater. TV cameras are trained on you, although they don't appear to be broadcasting yet. Jim Lehrer sits at a desk facing three podiums.

Steve: Hopping down off Station's back.

Zack: Okay, Steve, you just rode a huge mythos frog monster onto the set of a live TV broadcast in pursuit of the presidential candidate currently leading in the polls. This is a big deal and it is bad.

Steve: It's cool. Left Eye slowly walks up to the microphones and she starts singing the national anthem.

Zack: Morton Downey is sort of bewildered by the moment.

Steve: Kurt and Station are covering their hearts with their hands.

Zack: Station does not have a heart.

Steve: I don't believe it. That guy has so much heart.

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