Zack: The DM frowned and slowly crossed off the number printed on the sheet. Beneath it, in cramped digits, he wrote the adjusted number: 614,399,999.

Zack: Of course that's just in this reality. In other realities the number is still at full.

Steve: I like it when people combine stuff from the Bible with stuff from D&D. Like it's sort of cool to imagine Jesus fighting a Balor.

Zack: Jesus in the Blood Wars. There would be a lot of forgiving going on down there.

Steve: What level caster do you think Jesus is when he uses his spell-like abilities?

Zack: I realize we just ran into a 141st level vampire swordsman, but I'm going to go old school on that one. 20th level.

Steve: The Jesus as a young man stuff that was cut out of the Bible was all his dungeon crawls.

Zack: Definitely. Some scrub healer can't self-resurrect. He had to be grinding out encounters in Judea, taking it to some trolls and Pharaohs and whatnot.

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