Zack: that a horse on the bottom of that lake?

Steve: Who would throw away a perfectly good horse? I had better dive in and rescue that horse.

Zack: That horse on the verrrry bottom of the lake. That green horse.

Steve: Hey, everybody, be right back. Gonna swim down to the bottom of the lake. Sweet horse I want to sit on down there.

Zack: You know these monsters don't actually do anything. No attacks. They just sit around on the bottom of a lake and wait for men to drown.

Steve: They charm people. What I wonder is how it decides whether it's going to be a horse or a pretty lady.

Zack: Yeah, you really don't want to be one of the guys charmed into diving after the horse. Even if you survive that's gonna raise a lot of questions around the campfire that night.

Steve: "So, uh, Steelwind, why did you keep trying to swim down to that big green horse?"

Zack: Poor Steelwind has to spend the next month swearing up and down that he saw a woman at the bottom of the lake and talking about how he loves women and getting disgusted by the sight of a horse.

Steve: Steelwind should know as a follower of Saint Cuthbert that we can never change who we are.

Zack: Unless the DM gets annoyed that our lawful good characters keep torturing kobolds to death.

Steve: Or you put on gauntlets of ogre strength.

Zack: Or you get caught in that trap in Tomb of Horrors that turns you into a lady.

Steve: So pretty much, Steelwind, what was the deal with that horse?

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