Zack: Everything is covered with dust. You get the blanket and put out the fire by throwing the blanket onto it.

Steve: I will meticulously clean up all the dust to earn the master's favor.

Steve: And I'm like bending over in my maid outfit so my ripped butt is sticking out and dropping my book bags and stuff to flirt with master.

Zack: The inscrutable machine offers you no feedback.

Steve: I'm going to fix the duct thing then. See what he thinks of that when my boobs are all worked up into a lather.

Zack: Do you even know what boobs are?

Steve: Uh, very funny, yeah. I am something of an expert.

Zack: Alright, while you are fixing the duct you discover an item:

Steve: Oh heck yes! This will come in handy the next time master tries to have romance with me against my will.

Zack: Your master has never tried anything with you except dispensing supplies.

Steve: I will secretly place it in his bedroom next to his regular condoms.

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